Here is a list of artist website i admire/like/friends/close and v far. To begin with they seem close circles, but eventually it’ll expand

Rebecca Guez, she makes great paintings (
Billy Crosby, also makes paintings I like them a lot we run Brockley Gardens together (
Brockley gardens, the garage gallery we run! (
Simon Tosky, Never met him IRL, but we zoomed and he’s about to have the next show at the garage, his paintings are v cool (
Luca George, His work is v funny especially his Instagram (
Sian new love drew, had a show at the garage, her work is mega, her show at the garage was one of the best
I like Holly white website, very rich with content, its a good maze (
I really like new scenario, I bought a t shirt of theirs of a free ear from their exhibition ‘Body Holes’ (
There’s this gallery in Wichita US called Spiders Gallery, some of their shows haven’t been all that BUTTTTTT they’ve got a great space and there is energy irrelevant of taste (
Thats all for the moment, the date is