Spliff man 5 
Oyster shell, sandpaper, chalk, oil pastel, spray paint, sharpie, acrylic, gouache on cotton t shirt
my favourite thing I've ever made (currently). this was such troubled painting when making and was so exciting when finished 
an albert oehlen Inspiration i think, though many may not see it that way
taken from inspiration from my mum film journal, she started writing it in 2007, a 5 star rating system with 3 words to describe the film.
this one is a bird eye view of a house and its garden, the top layer is note taken from Penzance cancer research shops. i used toilet paper to separate the layers. any of these works with a hazy look have toilet paper layered in.
memory palace 2, are from wood shavings, what i thought was the opposite of used napkins
memory palace 1. made from used tissues
inner tube with salt, meant to look like space. i made this work on the boat and in the autumn it would continually change due to the moisture in the air, the salt would absorb the water and the white salt would disappear, then reappear in the afternoon 
Space paintings, close up shot of a meteorite.its only an oyster shell i love these
this artwork is actually meant to hang from the ceiling from the hoop on the top left. i would like it that you can view it from all sides
Thank you 2023