Whatever Trevor
Deep blue sea
Feels like a sand mine
Diving rods
Desert island water
Desert Dersert
Band name title 
You what mate?
Dessert dessert
More like hunting
Hunting and trumping
Just trumping
Trump meaning fart
Fart for you life 
Smirking at myself
Because it’s really clever 
Keep thinking I’m 5. Maybe 15.
Can’t get pass things
6thform communal area
Painting vs sculpture
Less pretty
Helpful hand
Peeping tom
Couple of years involved
Mark of time - WHATEVER
Too close
To me
Not to you
Empire vampire series
Tv is good for me
I gram therefore I gram 
Well close minded
Brain empty 
Confused since 94
Not confused since 94
Thomas Greig
Clunky funky chunky 
You know my steeze
Yeah boiii
T bog Tom
Two trick tommy
Two tin tommy
Two toke Tommy 
Crying because bmx is better
Fear factor
Park rat
Trails rat
Street rat
From Redhill
Dreams of LA
Shubidoing- fuck knows why
Helping myself
Helping yourself
Help who
Chewing gum in my belly button
No way mints are better
Tattoos on my neck?
Tattoos that are only visible by mirrors 
Corona virus THB
Nancy Perlosi has guts
Maybe more: you would like that
Bird flu: don’t know
Love love 💕 
Just on track
Smoke and broken mirrors
How unique
More plague
Rottweiler stuff
Move you’ll body
Not like Francis 
Studio distance
Old bus times 
Dog spotting 
Understand through texting
Stiff culture 
God damn perfume 
Smokey joes
London London London 
To be London 
Get my London Luke 
Suc a duck eBay 
Ducks for sale 
Pink trainers. Yeahhh
The asbestos guy 
Stiff culture
Thought of you
Thought of who?
Spit on a shrew 
It’s time to go back
To the future
Steve thought of you
Open ended fucking nothing
Tbh move along
Move along Morris 
It’s good but it’s not right
Say what you see
Say what you smell 
Smell see taste never 
Nothing smart just bad luck
Everything smart
Good luck
Good luck for me
Good luck to me
Thomas Jammy Greig
Little jammy dodger on a Roger
Predictive Tiger 
Boring zebras- stupid patterns 
I like zebras
Zebras don’t care what you think
But hippos do
Zippo hippo
Late start hygiene 
Late start lion 
Late outing lion 
Veins no stains 
All strains no canes 
Aggressive but not too aggressive 
Thomas Greig 2020