So these drugs have made me dream very weirdly. I have been taking painkillers which make you extremely constipated, so have been taking many laxatives. This mad explosion that has been going on in my tummy may be the cause for the first dream.

I was in the ward, out of my body, not looking on top of myself but just as a easy observer. The room was rumbling every 20 seconds, and when this happened so aggressively then the room changed shape, parts would shrink or expand. Transform like a fun room, but it wasn’t a fun room at all, the tension was high. One point it went so aggressive that it change into a triangle. Slowly a bunch of number began to appear on top of the room like stats, they kept changing, going up and down. After a while I realised they were bets. Bets about which shape then were going to take next, peop,e could also insert money to try and change the shape themselves, what became very apparent is that these bets were against, the participants knew this maybe statements saying “best of luck” ‘Give tom a good shape”. But whatever shape it finally landed on i would have to deal with. I also didn’t get any of that money!

My second and last dream that i remember strongly is about my lifestyle out of the hospital. 

We are on the boat, but it is a distant thought. Currently the only thought is of the house we just left, a lovely house built by an architect on the corner of a road with a river behind us, its mostly glass built but hidden inside are lovely old stair cases. We were under the impression that we left the house in a nice a neat  way but swooping through it we see that there are 2 cars (one a nice new camper van, a second I can’t remember but it was old and concise but slightly pretty if you look at it the right way)
It was a nice and ordered mess

Ive given up, Still in hospital and can’t work it all out right now. Gonna watch a film, maybe finish this when in in recovery