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I’m not making studio art atm, so the website is currently really important.
Boat dream 29/08/2022
So I was living in a van. Rebecca was there but she was busy doing other jobs. We had to service the van so we pulled over in a busyish road right next to a pub and cafe. I opened the bonnet and started tried to work out what to do. I saw that the fuel tank was pretty clean and that it had an additive connection to it which I was amazed I had not seen before. I shouted out ti Rebecca that this was there and she laughed too! There were other people servicing things too, but boat and motorbikes etc. a nice woman kept on walking pass me because she was going to the bin area when getting rid of things on her boat. We had a nice back and forth ‘doing the engine right’ ‘oh yeah one of thoseeeee days’. It kept going like this while they finished off with their bin runs. 
I realised I had to do a bin run too, so I got all my rubbish together and started to walk over, just in front of me was this young man taking rubbish too.
The rubbish area was this vast green with big bumps of grass. In the middle was just a place to chuck your bin bags (it did feel like fly tipping but everyone did it so whatever). After I disposed of my rubbish I turned around and saw this young man looking very sad on a bump. He had this weird microwave box on his lap. He shouted to the world then underneath the box was a gun. He held it up to his neck and was still shouting. I ran up to him and yelled at him to stop ‘don’t do that! You don’t need to do that. Don’t waste your life!’ 
I then tried reverse psychology and said it wasn’t a real gun.
He said ‘oh yeah?’
And pointed it in the sky and let it off. It let off an almighty sound and scared the life out of me! 
The gun connected to this weird box which was a telephone and a handbag and a small tv and the holder of the gun. I managed to take the whole thing from the young man including the gun and placed the box thing about 50 metres away, I was in a big field I was unsure where else to put it. I went straight back to him and we had a hug. We chatted for a bit other thing. My van, his boat. I turned around and saw there was a corrupt section of the police that were wondering around (they must have heard the gun shot and were coming to investigate) I grabbed this young man and told him to walk slowly and talk about which pub we are off too. We were the closest people to the box thing to the police would have made a b-line for us but because were acted a little drunk they kinda ignored us. I had all of my story ready to go. We were almost out of the field when the police noticed us and started walking toward us. They missed meeting with us as their direction of walking was just a bit off from where we were. And that meant we were in the clear!
We walked out of the field and got inside a car wash and this young man screamed again, he was stressed. He told me he was just about to go through the transitional surgery, I said straight away ‘to become a woman’ (which was a bit arrogant of me because I should have let them just say what they wanted to say) but he agreed. 
after that I woke up.
Lots of love
Tom x
Boat dream/nightmare
This was very scary. 
I was in a field having a party with friends. It was by a building, we were semi partying inside and outside. We were all joking about this bad gang of men, they were murders and such. We wrote some stuff about them on a whiteboard.
As if we had talked about the gang too much, they appeared, and they knew we were talking dirty about them. They decided to kill the whole party. I had gone to the loo at this time and so missed the killings, but when I came back they saw me and the chase started. I ran and ran what felt like miles. They followed slowly as if they wanted this terror to last longer. They never managed to totally lose me. I got to the closest town and started to try and hide up trees, it was calm for for a few minutes then I heard them shouting for me. There were many other civilians around me but they were all too intimidated to do anything, you stand up to this gang and you get killed. So every tree I hide in, they knew exactly what one to go too, it was as if they could smell my fear. I tried to get people to call the police. I think someone eventually heard as the fire brigade came by. They stopped and let me get in, the gang were within metres of getting to me. Just as I was getting in the fire truck I saw a ‘peli’ suitcase (very expensive tool case) and thought I could have that, (so even in terror I still prioritise getting something for free!)
The fire brigade were nice, they gave me a change of clothes to hide from the gang. They dropped me off in the next town and I thought I was safe. I went to the shops and heard a siren stating, the gang had tennis over the town. An announcement came and said ‘ we are looking for one individual, if we don’t find him then the whole town dies!’
There was mass panic, nobody knew that I was the one they were hunting for. And the gang couldn’t as easily spot me due to my change of clothes. I didn’t want to die so o ran. iPhones during the dream of there was a tree that was hollowed inside going all the way up so I could just hide down it. The tree was diagonal and you could easily climb it. But there was no tree. I was running down an empty road and one of the gang members found me. They grabbed me, we looked each other straight on, he was shouting at me and they head butted me (I was semi awake at this point due to genuine fear, I could feel my heart beat going very quickly).He took me over to one of the higher members of the gang who was a real piece of work. He got thrilled scaring people. I broke free and ran into a house and saw that this guy had killed all the family in the house. It was still a slow chase, and the dream ended with me running off into the empty road.
This dream was quite terrifying and I think I will remember being handled and head butted, but not sure I’ll remember the rest
Enjoy your weekend
Boat dream. 17/08/2022

Yesterday I worked at Oscar murillo’s artist studio, this has clearly influenced the dream.
I was working at an artist studio. A massive warehouse and we were moving large drawings on paper around on the floor. I picked up one drawing and asked where to put it to the artist, he said ‘everything stays out as there tension in everything!’. I rolled my eyes (but maybe just internally). There was one work which was a large paper cut diagonally across. It had three images that resembled a Francis bacon, but instead of the grotesque figures of bacon, they had black charcoal figures in the corner. The artist began to roll them up but I suggested roll it the other way as it would be easier, he agreed and as I did it, it became much harder to roll, but as it was my suggestion I was not going to allow it to fail.
There was also another artist working in one of the other room. Another artist worked there, it was my old friend Pippa from my art foundation course. Her work was selling like hot cakes! We were just helping her get her artwork off the wall.
The next day I was working and the main artist and his brother came up to me and asked if I was an artist. This could be a good opportunity so I decided to show them everything. I got my iPad out which for as if it was warping and tried to show them many works, but the internet was so slow that it wasn’t happening. I got panicked as I knew they were losing interest. So took them to the boat where I had a small selection of artworks. Rebecca was there playing Nintendo on the bed. While I scrambled to get some worms together, I managed to show the brother around 3 things and he liked the work and said ‘wow’ lots of times. I realised I had my art books in the boat and so tried to get them, this is when I started to wake up. 

The feelings of this dream actually got me quite excited to the very core. Finding someone outside of my set of people (friends/family) who was interested in my work. So I suppose maybe this is a jealously dream, maybe it’s an envy dream, maybe it’s a wishing dream.
I don’t wish to have a big time gallery pushing me to make new works all the time, but I do wish for a small gallery to notice me, show the works that are naturally being created and maybe make a sale or two. But it probably won’t happen, especially in this country/ also the shitty way I market my work!

Sorry last paragraph was not in the dream but important to put!

T xx
Redhill dreams. 14/08/2022

So there are two dreams, quite complicated I think. 


We are in Barbados. We land into this airport, but then immediately get a big helicopter to another island. And land on this mega posh building with multiple floor just for helicopters. And each floor they were going to different places. It even felt as if they were going to other worlds. 
I got outside and saw friends and family. We had rented a boat with a company that would take us around. We started off, there was a woman on the boat who gave us a tour. To get out to a lagoon we had to travel along this tight canal. It was so tight that only one boat could fit through and it was a two way system. Half way through we met about 10 boats in a line coming towards us. So we stopped and reversed back to the posh helipad place. I got annoyed so didn’t bother getting back on the boat, and I realised I had something I needed to do. So o went back to the helipad building and tried to find my floor to get off the island. I think I found the right floor but can’t be sure.

I woke up around this time due to the heat. But managed to get back to sleep and I jumped to the next dream.

It was a spider man dream, I was following Andrew Garfield around. He had just come back from his experience with the other spider men and was very very lost. I mean you can’t just explain this stuff to anyone. But he was approached by a body that knew he had been to another universe and told Andrew that there was some weird changes in his universe because of it. There was a new lizard man that could change whenever he wanted and change people. And a magic man who many mischievous deeds. So I basically followed Andrew Garfield around the city while he tried to find these baddies. He met quite a few lower level bad guys along the way.
I woke up at the moment he was close to finding the lizard man, jumping through a broken window and then I woke up.

Wasn’t that excited and a bit complicated but worth writing down 

Tom x
Dream in France no.2
This was a crazy dream!
My sleep was really disrupted
I was in France but unattached to it , I was floating on a rock which looks like a constructed dirt track, there was another floating big rock close to me, so I tried with all my might to jump over to it but I couldn’t, I could only see it.
I could see the path to the main land but couldn’t seem to get there.
I jumped to being on the canal, we were by a lock and trying to fill up water, there were a few submarines that were getting in the way, there was a fork in the canal and I look up and saw a dam that looked very weak, it was made from concrete but I wasn’t convinced, I made my way back to the boat with assistance from other boat people and was thinking of moving.
I then jumped to working with delboy and Rodney, they needed a job being done. I had to go and drive 2 vans from one place to their warehouse, I got to the car park to find the vans full of plants and some crazy lady had decided to water them, I was with Rodney and he was annoyed he shewed the woman away, we looked in the back and it didn’t look that ruined, he told me to get on so I did. I had never driven such a big van, and I was certain that the brakes didn’t work properly, I noticed I hadn’t been given a place to drive too, I attempted to call both D and R loads of times but nobody would pick up, all while driving which felt really sketchy. I parked up in a place, went back to where they were and they gave me an address to drive but it was way way out of town, I told them I would take it the other van to where it was now and then that was it, they gave me two letters, one with the address of their warehouse (which was just a commercial waste disposals site in dearness on the hill) and another with £100 in. I thought this wasn’t bad pay but they assured me it was only the first time job huge pay situation, I think they were a little embarrassed as we were having this chat with the client and I almost let it slip that they didn’t have a warehouse!
I then jumped to a science lab. I was late for my job and caught up with all the professors, they had just finished lunch in the eating area. It was very close to the lab, the professors had finished their lunch and we were actually sitting in the lab. I started eating a bad of crisps and the main professor started making digging comments ‘who’s eating?!’ ‘Nobody should be eating anything in here’. I managed to hide the crisps but she knew it was me. Each time I managed to swipe a crisp and she gave everybody daggers!
I walked out and got to the lunch area. There was a curvy corridor with a really really smooth flooring. I took my trousers, ran and slid on my pants all the way along the corridor, I got many looks as I went pass. I got the whole way and someone stopped me, they asked how I managed that and I told them it was all in the pants. I was lifting up my shirt (a little embarrassed mind) and showed them the material of the pants. Everybody took their clothes off too and started sliding down the corridor, I walked off feeing happy and a bit embarrassed by myself.
I came into another room and it was my school reunion, I waved at a few people. Got to the back of the room (the cool part of the room!!!). I started talking to people ‘ oh what do you do for a living’ that kinda stuff. I told some people I was on a boat and by Waltham cross. This woman got really excited because she was doing research about the town, we ended up talking about the architecture and how it was so ugly! I told them that the town reminded me of my home town, Redhill. They all knew it as the school was based there. 

Dream in France 

I was back on the boat and we had gone pass many boats back in London, there were many people all having parties, but I wasn’t, Rebecca wasn’t in this dream. I then jumped to being at work In a big gallery, they had a massive library where all our tools were kept, in a big fake wall in the middle. We were up there for a bit just waiting. The other people said they didn’t know when the work would begin. The gallery people would use the technicians to have bets on, who could do what the fastest. all the workers got brought downstairs to the main space and a director started showing us around, we were all tense because the work could start any second. The director explained all of the work and took us to this pieces that looked like a sundial with an umbrella attached and lots of other pieces. He looked at it and then threw one component at a fellow worker, this was the start of the work. We rushed to find everything. I went upstairs to the library to get packing materials, I found a woman trying to flatten the tissue paper because there was a slight wrinkle in the tissue. Having little confidence I thought that it was important ( because another person did) so I scrambled to try and find something to flatten it. It took me almost an hour. And while searching for big flattening books I was also being shown what was happening on my boat, which were two friends dossing about and making it a mess! 
We got the tissue good enough and went downstairs, everyone else stared at us for taking so long, most of the show was picked away. Then I woke up
Dream 25/06/22
My mums birthday!

No memory of how the dream started.
This was a kind of stranger things dream which is funny, only a few of the characters are in it.
I think I was following/being Dustin from ST’s.
I started off going out on my bmx. I was in the US and went off on my bike with a friend, my friend was great on a bmx where as I was still very much below average, I was just a fan of poteling around. We got to the trails (dirt jumps) and met a famous bmxer who was suggesting we go on the trails, I opted out as they were massive and I was scared, this pro really judged me for not but I was not changing my mind. I watched with pleasure my friend and this pro jump up and down on this jumps. The trails were based in the middle of a city and had a nice communal side area for having your lunch etc, so that’s what I did.
The dream jumped to following Dustin, I think he was moving house, maybe at this moment he was about 18, about to go to university. It was a very hot hot day and he was about to make his way to New York for uni, when leaving he met his neighbour which were a nice Indian family. They asked for his help to set up their tv.
He wanted to help but he was about to leave so couldn’t, as he went off in the car he saw the family struggle to assemble it all in the street. He got about a mile away and his mum got hungry so stopped for food. Dustin used this moment to run back and help out the family, it was a crazy hot day so he didn’t have a t shirt on and he eventually got back round to them. When he arrived he had seen that they had assembled most of it but needed they did need help with the last bits. They handed the remotes to Dustin/me, there were 8 in total and had been secured together, the tv with the stand had lots of different bits to it, speakers video player, radios etc.
D/me were a bit overwhelmed by it, holding 8 controllers in your hand and expected to fix it with 10 people staring at you is a bit scary.
So I woke up
Dream 21/06/22

Maybe this one is a realllllllly boring one. But I remember it so it’s going down.

So I was on the canal, and I had a friend who was taking their boat up to me, this boat was made of a steel Skelton which was being built as we moved. The base was made of flat breads, and all I cared about was how to secure that type of material to the steel skeleton, maybe it needs a wooden sub frame to help strengthen it. This is exactly what I managed to make for the sides of the boat, and I felt comforted securing the flatbreads to the wooden frame. The boat was wide and stubby more of a shape of a barge but wider. I then jumped to being in a big gallery space. Big warehouse space. I was tasked with helping someone install a show, but it was quite late and there was loads to do. This guy had a large work on cardboard, about 3-4 metres long. He wanted it framed but didn’t have any o the material, he managed to find a 6m squared notice board with a glass cover. We/mainly he stole it and he lent the glass up against the wall to try to cut it to a precise size, at one moment he was under the glass that was heavily bending so I pushed him out the way and told him to lay it flat and begin cutting it normally, we didn’t have a good glass cutter/ long enough rule anything to do the job properly. 
I started to cut and he ran off to do another job, I left it half finished and followed him, he wanted to find a backing for the cardboard but could only find A4 paper. The dream finished like that. 
Not a very exciting dream today

Boat dream 18/06/2022

This one felt like a good one

So I was in this big big house/estate, I had extended family around. But it was my actual extended family, it was a made up one and they all consisted of famous actors, Dustin Hoffman was there as well as Jim Broadbent. There were about 5 groups of extended family. And some of us had super powers, so my immediate family were there too, and my mum had superpowers to teleport anywhere but she was a bit fed up and a bit sick so stayed in bed. My  grandma and dad were there also.
I was FaceTiming comrades all over the world, some I had never met and others I had. I Ft’d these two guys based in Nicaragua 🇳🇮, they were really sweet and told me how much they loved my art practice. So I asked mum if she could teleport me there to chat to them. When she did I realised this was the perfect place for an exhibition, in their bedroom come kitchen come living room. 
I wanted to do it that night and the boys were on board!
I managed to get back to see mum (in this dream she was tired and a bit grumpy, I think the teleporting aged her every time she did it). So I had a time issue and having to persuade mum. We teleported back to the UK and I grabbed any artwork I could get my hands on, but this time we got on a plane with mum to Nicaragua. She wasnt that happy that she had to do a lot of teleporting but she wanted to see me happy so we made a compromise to get the flight. We got there quick and I started taking things down from the two guys wall and out my stuff up, policy was, don’t put any new screws of nails up, just use what’s existing, this obviously went out the window when I realised I wanted the whole room to be full! Dad and grandma turned up (mum must have teleported them secretly) and grandma started to help hang work, it wasn’t quite the correct hanging process as she just took whatever was in my artwork bag and just stuck it on the walls with blue tac. I got stressed and had to take them down. I only wanted stretched art works in this show. My mum started giving me suggestions but that also stressed me out. She was saying how she liked some of the works but not all of them. I didn’t really care for these comments, (and I was a little annoyed and upset because I definitely didn’t get the best works from my studio, maybe 2020 works which I guess is fine because nothing actually matters but it seemed to matter to me) 
Grandma did also put up a stretch of balloon on the wall which I loved so they stayed. Outside the rook there was a crowd of people lining up to see the show. 
I got stressed at mum a few more times for making suggestions then I woke up.

Maybe it wasn’t such a good dream, but was enjoyable experiencing it. But maybe bad to write about, lots of nuances to the dream that I cba’d to describe or I would be here for hours
Covid boat dream 25/05022

This one is very jumpy.

I think it started I was on my way to work and saw Matt (Rebecca’s sister boyfriend) mowing the lawn. So then it jumped to being thousands of years before, I think I was Asian and was preparing for battle. A group of us walked into a forest and found a dead member of our party, I could also drop into the enemy team, just after the team got to the dead member. The enemy were Neanderthals, and had strong powers that were connected to the Forrest. One member of the Forrest dwellers were near when the original party got to the dead body and watched them as they heartbroken by their fellow man being killed. Though the original party were scared because they didn’t understand this unknown enemy.
So then I jumped, back to being with the original party, I was the head of the party and was gathering people for an celebration, it must have been many years since that first encounter because I believe I was collecting friends from the forest, but I was collecting loads of people for a ceremony. When I was walking across a field and found a big big hole. I looked down and saw nothing. When I fetched the forest party I came back and looked again in the big hole. We saw that there were two huge men welding something out of welding it in. Before I had a chance to investigate I was taken to another field, it felt more present day and I wanted Matt to mow a field so Matt didn’t have too. But I was struggling to take the mower out of the warehouse. So I ended up using a separate mail wet to take out the first mower. 
I jumped to being with my godfather. He had invited me over for a meal and I was walking round his house. I have been to his house before and this dream house was not it. It was very dated. I remembered really needing the loo and coming across a brown bath and a brown toilet, I think this also had a small hole in the floor. I went to another room and found it to be a library, I met him and his wife there and we tried to chat but then I woke up
Covid boat dream 24/05/22

I was in west London. But a warped west London which was filled with trees and rollercoaster motorways and more canals.
I was wondering around and called my dad who told me he had just been to a fine dining restaurant just in the area, I was trying to find its location but it felt as if I was going way out of town, j got to this town within London but was unable to find it. So far I had taken kayaks and trains and buses to get to this town. I wondered round and found a pub called ‘the keepers’ I think my dad said this was the place. But I didn’t go in it was just the excitement of seeing pub. I was warped to this big mansion property. Which had its own private road. There were 6 people in there. I went to one room which one side of it had no wall and connected to the private road, there was a woman hanging her washing out to dry, I started to do the same thing on another hanger system. Two oldish men walked in and asked me where I lived, I explained I lived on a narrowboat and they were excited! They too lived on boats, they explained they were making there way across south London on a imaginary canal as there aren’t any in SL. The woman hanging her washing seemed to be impressed that I lived on a boat. I then moved to another room. Where there were 2-3 people on there. We were restoring paintings that were hanging. A middle aged woman was focusing on the gold leaf of one work. A young boy was hoovering another work and I was tasked with doing something to another work. We all chatted for a bit about little but was pleasant. I was again transported to another room where I could step into a video game, thought it wasn’t me, I was controlled a character and looking from above. The room had a bottomless floor with tiles floating, there was only one line of tiles and there was a gap that grew and shrunk in a rhythm. I managed to jump the gap and safely make it across where the game became even more pixelated. I had stepped in ‘diddy long racing’ but I didn’t know it yet. When I got into the cave I got to a corner of the cavern and I got taken to a new hidden chapter of the game. With new courses and a hotel for you to rest in. There were new characters of the game which was shown via then rollercoaster camera. It was about to show the track and then I woke up because the rain was heavy. Peace x
Boat dream no.? 23/05/2022 Covid Dream…..

I was in London and my family were asking me to come back to my home town to help my brother move into his new house. I got some tools prepared and got there in a flash.
His house was on a main road and was difficult to park in a spot but I managed. I entered this house and saw it was chaos, walking into one room that turned out to be a hall, it was filled with crates that had shoes in them. So I helped opening that up and removing them. My brother showed me around and I saw a nice big living room, which was slightly messy but not so bad. I then went into the kitchen which had my auntie (in law) with two of my counsins (one cousin which doesn’t exist!) trying to feed them both for the evening, a girl and a boy both running around. But the boy (who was very young, maybe 2) was helping to clean and wash the dishes, though he wasn’t very good I had to follow him and clean them again.
I then decided to go down the road which then became the same place but a different part of the country and I saw friends who I know live many miles away. I started to help them move into a bog, or maybe I just chatted to them for a while, I turned around and saw my aunt in her big car and went to say hello/ goodbye to my counsins, when at the car door my dad pulls up right a long side with me squeezed In between. My dad thought it would be funny to really squeeze (his car had the ability to move sideways without actually moving. So he squeezed me against the car and I could feel a tightness in my chest when he was doing that, he stopped and then did it again! When he finally let go I ran off, he couldn’t understand because he thought it was a joke, he even tried to pay me off to make it better but I guess the damage was done. Nexts to the car park was a football field with a local match being played, In shock I tried to walk through the playing field but realised it was impossible. So I walked round to where the benched players were sat, I got to that area and found an old school friend who asked if I was ok, I told him ‘I needed to find my tool bag’, this was in the freezer. I got that out and walked around and bumped into a work colleague who asked if I was ok (he had got a call from my mum saying my dad did something terrible), though he was not bothered and stuck his headphones back in and watched the match. I started to walk off down the street and this is when I woke up, or at least my alarm went off!
T​​​​​​​ream in haywards Heath 09/05/2022

This dream was quite intense, long and jumpy.

Unsure where it began. But I think I was at a skatepark, (a very nice skatepark). I was rolling around the bowl section for ages hanging around and waiting for someone. Doing lots of tricks. In certain sections of the bowl there were gates down underneath it. They looked a bit intimidating so I didn’t go too close or a I jumped over them. 
Suddenly I was transported to being with a group of young men. Walking around a council estate. There was one top boy I was following closely behind. We got to a door in the block and we knocked but once the door was open we slammed it open and shot the first person we saw. There were a bunch of other lads in there but we screamed saying ‘you’ll be next if you don’t give up!’. They did give up quickly and we walked inside. There was loads of backwards and forwards, they were speaking about tunnels, or they didn’t want to but we knew about them. So the next day we were there, there was an empty wall in the kitchen, sounds were coming from it, there were tiny knocks and a hole started to fork. The top boy man started to scrap the hole from this side. It got bigger and bigger until we could see a face of one of our own. So we started to excavate this hole out. When I looked in the hole it seemed that the layers of bricks went through for many layers. Almost a metre, they were little tiny bricks as well, so something felt intimidating about them. As if they were going to collapse in on you. I was in the hole but I was scared by it. This hole eventually followed to the gate in the skatepark.
That was left to hang because I jumped to Scotland.
It was evening and I was expecting to get on a train, I had got to Edinburgh station (not like the proper station though)
It was about 9pm and I was waiting for a train to take me to London. There was a big section to take you up more on to Scotland and there was a cramped tight area to take you down to England. I walked into the cramped area and realised I needed a ticket. I got to the machine and started to clock the right buttons but realised i didn’t have my wallet, I had checked in my bag but there was nothing. There seemed like a nice ticket woman about 10 metres away but I wasn’t asking her for help just yet. I got to the bit where I needed to pay and couldn’t do anything, so the machine took me to a game of poker just for entertainment, this was stressful, I had clearly struggled for about an hour here so the woman came up to me to help and I explained that I lost my wallet. I checked my bag one last time and discovered it! I started to put money into the machine but it wouldn’t accept it as it was English notes instead of Scottish. I was getting stressed now as I had seen a few trains leave already. Finally realised there was a kiosk that I could pay at so I went over there and spoke to the woman. I asked her when the next train was and she said that my train was on its way up from London but that it had just passed reading. Currently the time was 12:04 so I was going to be waiting a while. I gave her a semi sob story so she only charged me a £1. So I sat down next to the annoying couple who booked the tickets on the machine next to me. They had sappy voices so I tried to sit away. I sat next to this big man who let me use the chair. I settled and realised that I had a big lump inside my neck, I picked at it a little and made a small cut and a scab. The area was sore anyway but I made it a lot worked. The lump was the size of a big pea. I kept rubbing it and got really worried. This is about the time I woke up. And the first thing I did was check my neck to see if that section was true but there wasn’t any lump! 
Peace x
Boat dream/hangover dream 27/04/22

So I was working in house of vans, it was a trip down memory Lane yet I know I definitely needed the work. I think at one point I was also FaceTiming the people who worked there from Venice. So I was there but also inside a phone speaking to people thinking I was the shit. But as well as working it felt like I was gate crashing a party, I saw an old colleague who noticing anyone without a pair of vans on would rush them away and give them a free pair. I didn’t have vans on but they looked very similar so I literally had to nudge nudge and wink wink my way into a pair, the colleague went away and never brought me a pair back. 
So I started back helping with the work, it was mainly roadie work but was nice. It was funny because I kept on saying things like ‘back in my day’ and ‘ we used to do it like this when I was here’. I remember coming into back sections of the tunnels and laughing to myself trying to get attention saying ‘this place used to be a mess when I first started…. And it still is!’ 
So I was there for the party but the work came first. 
There isn’t much more to the dream but that’s ok.
Boat dream no 1 18/04/2022

This dream felt funny because I believe I was half awake or 60% asleep. So I felt I had slight control over the dream. But probably not, maybe because it was the first night on the boat after Venice I was conscious  of my surroundings.

I was in Bern, but as I have never been to Bern before, the city looked like a watered down Venice, not as many building and not as many canal and decorations.
We got to a nice looking restaurant. I think I was with 2 other people who were work related, an old man who could barely speak due to lack of teeth, and this woman who was also semi old. We sitting outside the restaurant but couldn’t decide what to order. So we went inside and spoke to the chefs, I decided on a fish platter and duck knows what the others ordered, I got a bit panicky about the price as it’s expensive. Think the plate cost about €100 euros which I did not have!
Somehow the setting changed and we were walking around posh English version of Venice which reminded me of Reigate.
We found another tea shop. And ordered some squid skin. I looked to my right and saw Brie Larson walking with a child, I waved but didn’t ask for an autograph, I thought I was cool like that. 
I think she sat on the table with us and all the other people on the table were superhero’s too, all captains of some bulshit.
I then found myself in an art gallery/ restaurant. There was a retrospective of some rubbish painter, loads of block paintings of colour hanging from the ceiling. You walk through this show and get to a Chinese restaurant. It was a good restaurant and I took my top off and really needed the loo. I managed to cut through just the noodle part of the kitchej and found the urinals. I was topless and unsure why. This is about the time I woke up.

Venice Dream no. 4.          15/04/22
I was planning on travelling home. I think I was in bern Switzerland. Jonathan had decided to drive me but was a quite drunk, I didn’t realise this. We got into a really nice Mercedes and he started to hit the sides of the road. We came to a bridge that had a massive hole in it and Jonathan drove straight into it! I managed with my levitating skills to bring the car back up but this meant that I was running late for my flight.
I managed to turn my head into a computer and went above the clouds looking at the country trying to find a good car to drive time to the airport. I found an Audi not far away in a beach town and managed to get there. When we got in the car I drove us but I think I woke up before I managed to get to the airport.
I am getting on a flight today and just watched iron man 3 where they were in Bern for a scene. It’s nice when you can dot to dot with the content from your dreams!
Venice dream no 3 10/04/2022

So I’m in London, I’m fairly close to the thames and there is a space ship hovering above the water shooting out green light at something. The ships was circular and had glass top.
So I looked on my phone on the news app and supposedly a small green creature riding a sort of horse has been captured, it wasn’t on a negative rampage but could definitely go that way if it wanted.
There was a short time that we could go visit the space ship before it was taken away, so I got up to London Bridge where it had stopped flying and now was floating on the water. There were many people
Taking photos, at moment lights would show up. 
At this moment I was with Rebecca, Rebecca had gone to the public loo and I ran round to take some shots of the space ship. As Rebecca came out of the loo the space ship started to light up, some people jumped on the ship and so did Rebecca, not really out of her own choice but she was pushed by the crowd. I was trying to contact her because she couldn’t see me.
The space ship began to lift and fly off. I got very worried, I was on the phone to Rebecca who was very scared. 
She was telling me where the space ship was going, and it was heading towards Woolwich, somehow I could ask far as It moved so i early lost track of it.
In Woolwich I found Rebecca again safe, she told me the ship had gone down a small street. We found the right door. Knocked, a nice woman in her 60’s opened it and said ‘finally’.
This woman was another alien! She was quite tall with brown hair and a wore a full pink velvet tracksuit. It was a small house a two up two down. She welcomed us in and explained she was another alien. She brought us in to her living room and we chatted, she offered us snacks which were nice (falafels and crisps). I asked her many questions, if we could see her true form. Why had she come to earth. She didn’t really explain anything back, only that she had received a text from The UK government saying that her status for change to being a human is in process.
We all started to relax, and then Louis Theroux came in and sat down, they were an item!
There were a few more knocks at the door (more pilgrims to see woman!) 
The dream started to haze and I woke up.
Pretty good dream tbh!
Dream in Venice 02/04/2022

My dream last night had a main theme which was to go on holiday somewhere in the north of England. I bought myself a nice Audi which I punctured the back tire for no reason (self sabotage) so we were considering flying up north.
It was myself and Rebecca in the dream and Rebecca was back and forth from the supermarket and I was back and forth from the Audi shop.
We moved to another room and all of a sudden my mum and dad were there, and we began hosting a party for extended family. Most of my cousin were there, one cousin who I know in reality has no hair, had hair in the dream! 
My mum started dishing out all the food, she put crisps in the lighting that hang on the walls.
It became clear that it was a sunny day outside so we moved the party to the garden. My young cousin was running around naked, she was happy to see me. We had a hug and she told me that she missed me, I apologised and said I would see her more. But then said you can always find me as I was on the internet (which is a very poor excuse really). We were sitting and chatting on a trampoline looking out to some bushes. While the adults were about a metre away chatting away having booze and dinner. I think I may have been more vocal and sweating throughout the dream and there are family relatives that irritate me. But I think maybe my mum or my grandma shut me up. Unfortunately this all meant that mine and R’s trip up north was postponed by a few hours, Rebecca didn’t seem to mind too much and was enjoying the family chat!

I believe this is when I woke up.
This dream isn’t that exciting but maybe important as a first dream to note down as it was quite easy to follow.
Too many words, image in between 
Dream 2 in Venice 

I was in an office with all the gang of the American office, sitting in an office but not from the set. There were rumours going around that there was a beach just pass the car park, but we were supposedly not allowed to go. Meredith was our boss and she was cracking the wipe (metaphorically). But nobody took her very seriously, especially Stanley. Stanley walked out of the office with everyone staring at him (if he wasn’t doing it then nobody was) so everybody shrugged and started to come outside as well. We got to the beach which was a car park and a pool that has sea water in.
Stanley walked up, gave a pose in front of the beach like a supermodel then decided to go back to the office. We were following him like a camera, when we got back in Meredith was screaming for more jobs but Stanley shrugged so we knew that none of us had to do the jobs also.
I decided to break from the office and went out to the beach/car park and go for a swim. I had tight trunks on and I believe I was a lot skinnier than I am in reality. 
When getting to the car park, I looked at the pool and went over to the help desk. There was a woman who directed me to a man who directed me to watch this video about how to jump safety into the pool. It was about a 10m drop with one side jagged rocks so you had to jump far. I got about half way through the video and then woke up. Never got to swim, guess that’s a bit like the situation in Venice atm. No swimming