Bit of a mental


So I’ve got a total legitimate worry. From an early age i have believed that my parents have controlled my life, not significantly ( not allow me to see people/ stay in all the time etc). But i was certain that there has been conversation with almost everyone that be met and told them to taker things easy on me.
When i was younger my mum took me for an IQ test and it was high at certain sections (121) and really low at other sections (89). I cant remember any of the sections and i guess its totally irrelevant but it interfered with a big amount of my time.
So for most of my childhood and my teens and even early adulthood i was certain that my mum and dad had spoken to anyone in senior authority (teacher, tutor some role model of some kind) or friends or just anyone that I’m associated to. So i was convinced that everyone was in on something against/for me. How fucking mental is it to have that thought. To entertain that everyone is in on something towards me, but it wasn’t an ego thing, i think it was just a sad/confused thing. Also its a bit hard towards my parents, they are actually very relaxed+ very supportive.
That’s a short but big worry